Olari, Espoo

Carousel Olari operates through three different group spaces, located in close proximity. These different groups cater for children aged 1 to 7 years. Our Olari groups are called Owls, Tigers and Spiders. All our environments offer a homely atmosphere for the children as well as varied resources for play and projects. All our Olari groups are located close to parks and woods, providing the children many opportunities to explore and investigate nature. 


Sensory play develops children’s creativity, imagination and curiosity and gross motor skills.

Our park as well as our local forest areas provide experiences, materials and versatile opportunities for play and exploration. The children create nature art, immerse themselves in role play and investigate what they find and observe in a natural setting.

Heuristic play promotes curiosity and exploration. As children select, manipulate, explore, compare items they discover what the object can and can’t do.

Children can play, explore, be curious and creative with others

ICT Olari

ICT opportunities allow children to develop their mathematical thinking and practice their technological skills.

Trip Olari

Trips are regularly organized so that children can acquaint themselves with their surrounding environment. Trips can also offer unique cultural learning experiences.

Preschool Olari

Children and educators share their thoughts and experiment with different working approaches. They have the opportunity to experience joy of learning and playing together.

Children can experience joy of physical activity

In our gym spaces, hoops, bean bags, soft balls and gym equipment are set out inspiring the children to experience the joy of moving and being physically active in a variety of ways.

Gym Olari
Yoga Olari

Yoga for children is a great approach to develop strength, flexibility and coordination.


Millanie – Manager Olari             ESPOO

I studied Bachelor in Elementary Education (B.E.Ed) in the Philippines. I also completed credits at Tampere University to be a Qualified Kindergarten Teacher (LTO). I am passionate about teaching, and understanding the importance of shaping young minds leading them in the right direction. ”