Carousel Helsinki

Located in Ruoholahti, this purpose-built facility provides care for children ages 1 to 7 years old. Our groups here are called Lions, Seals, Scorpions, and Unicorns. Children are encouraged to interact with other groups to foster a sense of togetherness. Our environments emphasize sunlight, space, and connectivity. Having our facility in a sports complex (Salmisaaren Liikuntakeskus) allows us to provide children under our care with a variety of learning opportunities.


Sensory play develops children’s creativity, imagination and curiosity and gross motor skills.

Our park and nearby local environment provide experiences, materials and versatile opportunities for play and exploration. The children create nature art, immerse themselves in role play and investigate what they find and observe in a natural setting.


Heuristic play promotes curiosity and exploration. As children select, manipulate, explore, compare items they discover what the object can and can’t do.

Children can play, explore, be curious and creative with others


ICT opportunities allow children to develop their mathematical thinking and practice their technological skills.

Trip picture

Trips are regularly organized so that children can acquaint themselves with their surrounding environment. Trips can also offer unique cultural learning experiences.

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Children and educators share their thoughts and experiment with different working approaches. They have the opportunity to experience joy of learning and playing together.

Children can experience joy of physical activity

In our gym spaces, hoops, bean bags, soft balls and gym equipment are set out inspiring the children to experience the joy of moving and being physically active in a variety of ways.


Yoga for children is a great approach to develop strength, flexibility and coordination.

Special learning environments and opportunities


The indoor beach, located in our Ruoholahti building, is a place where children can replicate and relive their beach experience.

Children are encouraged to use their imagination and to express themselves creatively through different forms of expression. ​
Ice-skating provides children with opportunities to explore various exercise forms and to develop team spirit and self-control as children support each other while they are acquiring new skills.
Climbing promotes the development of children’s gross motor skills as well as boosts their self-esteem, body awareness and control.


Julia – Manager Ruoholahti HELSINKI

” I studied Early Childhood Education and Primary Education in order to have a wide picture of children’s global and learning development. I also completed some courses in alternative pedagogies, and I’ḿ currently taking part of the Masters program of Changing Education at University of Helsinki. I’m passionate to develop myself further to be part of the global effort of helping children to learn and enjoy life along with appreciating others. “